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Cardano Client Lib

A Java Library for Simplifying Transactions, Token Minting, Address Derivation, and CIP Implementations for Applications on the Cardano Blockchain!

Easy to Use Java Library

Address generation, transfer, token minting, Plutus contract call and more..

Out-of-box Backend Providers

Blockfrost, Koios, Ogmios

CIP Implementations

Java Api for
CIP-8, CIP-20, CIP-25, CIP-30, CIP-67/68 ...

Backend Providers

//Blockfrost Backend Service
BackendService backendService =
new BFBackendService(Constants.BLOCKFROST_PREPROD_URL, "<Project_id>")

//Koios Backend Service
BackendService koiosBackendService =
new KoiosBackendService(Constants.KOIOS_PREPROD_URL);

//Ogmios Backend Service
BackendService ogmiosBackendService = new OgmiosBackendService(OGMIOS_URL);

//Kupo Utxo Service
KupoUtxoService kupoUtxoService = new KupoUtxoService(KUPO_URL);
UtxoSupplier utxoSupplier = new DefaultUtxoSupplier(kupoUtxoService);
  • Multiple out-of-box backend providers
  • Write your own provider using supplier interfaces

Account API

//Mainnet account from mnemonic
Account mainnetAccount = new Account(mnemonic);

//Testnet account from mnemonic
Account testnetAccount = new Account(Networks.testnet(), mnemonic)

//New mainnet account
Account mainnetAccount = new Account()

//New testnet account
Account testnetAccount = new Account(Networks.testnet())
  • Create new mainnet / testnet accounts
  • Create accounts from mnemonic
  • Create accounts from account private key
  • Create accounts using derivation path